Relieving Dental Anxiety

Relieve Your Dental Anxiety at Comfort Family Dental

Do you feel nervous or anxious when visiting the dentist? Millions of Americans have dental anxiety, & our staff has experience helping hundreds of patients in Beverly who feel nervous when sitting in the dentist’s chair. Dental anxiety is a normal feeling to have, & at Comfort Family Dental we have a lot of different methods to help you get your necessary dental work done in a comfortable & pain-free way.

Relax with Conscious Sedation

Here at Comfort Family Dental, we practice conscious sedation dentistry only. Our methods can keep you calm & relaxed & do not require you to fall asleep or be unconscious while we are providing your care. We offer both oral sedatives & nitrous oxide. Oral sedatives are pills that will reduce your anxiety & make you feel more relaxed for a few hours. These pills are a safe way to make you feel more comfortable while you’re visiting the dentist. Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, is an extremely safe method that will help you overcome any anxiety or fear you have at the dentist’s office. While breathing in the gas, you will feel tremendously calm & happy, & once we end the supply of gas, you will quickly return to normal. It’s an easy way to relax & enjoy a procedure like root canal, & you’ll be shocked by how quickly the time flies by.

Communication Is Key: Tell, Show, Do

Our staff is also skilled at helping patients who prefer to not use any type of sedation. During a procedure, we will move slowly & let you know about each step before we do it. We will also allow you time in between steps to relax & take a breath, so that you will feel comfortable throughout the process. We have found that simple communication & listening to our patients can make them feel incredibly relaxed & at ease. Whatever type of support you need to overcome your anxiety, please let us know. We know that anxiety is a personal & individual feeling, so we will work with you so that you can safely & comfortably get the dental work you want or need.

Comfortable Office in Chicago

Another way we make sure your dental appointment is relaxing is through our office environment. Our caring, friendly staff will welcome you as soon as you come in & invite you to help yourself to beverages & snacks at our coffee bar. You’ll feel at home in our warm, open, clean office. You will appreciate the comfort of our private exam rooms & also the modern equipment we use for comfortable dentistry. To take a virtual tour of our office, visit our Tour Our Office page.

If you feel nervous or anxious about visiting the dentist, give us a call at 773-366-8718 or schedule an appointment with our office in Chicago. We can meet with you & talk about different dental sedation strategies to help you get dental care in a way that works for you.

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