Clear Aligners Vs Traditional Braces

When we have an issue with our smile, we may have considered the option of straightening our teeth. Straight teeth are synonymous with positive oral health and a positive aesthetic. It is an exciting prospect, and there are two main ways to achieve this. Clear aligners, and traditional braces. Both have their pros and cons, but ultimately it is down to the wearer and the opinion of their dentist, to choose the best option.


Clear aligners and traditional braces are both orthodontic treatments designed for straightening teeth and both have proven to be effective for both straightening teeth and improving oral health. Traditional braces have been around for a long time unlike clear aligner technology which is relatively recent and whose popularity continues to grow. In terms of their composition, traditional braces consist of a metal support attached to the teeth then attached by threads and elastics. There are still options that are put in place to choose the most suitable variations for the color of its enamel. As for clear aligners, this is a technique that is normally designed to be invisible. It consists of smooth plastic that is slipped over the teeth.

The main factors to take into account are undoubtedly the comfort and the treatment time. At this level, clear aligners are a good choice in that they are clear, smooth and more comfortable compared to traditional braces. Perhaps the biggest advantage of these braces is the fact that they look natural. Indeed, with its transparency, this brace is almost invisible and no one can notice that you are wearing one even with a smile. This is quite the opposite of traditional braces which sometimes prevent even a normal smile. Beyond the aesthetic scope that will attract more than one, clear aligners provide more comfort in use compared to traditional braces. Indeed, with its soft plastic design, they are also removable. You will be able to remove them in the instance of eating or drinking, or in times where you do not feel they would be appropriate to wear.

Clear aligners do not prevent oral care. Because they are removable, you can still easily brush your teeth, use your dental floss and maintain impeccable oral hygiene. With metal aligners, this hinders the way that you take care of your oral health.


On average, it takes about 24 months to complete the treatment with traditional braces. With clear aligners, the treatment time is 12 to 18 months. Traditional braces work efficiently for fixing complex tooth issues but clear aligners tend to be more comfortable and easier to work with.

Don’t allow your teeth to hinder your confidence. With the option for both traditional braces and clear aligners, there is a solution that suits you best to ensure that you can regain your confidence and happiness. If you are looking for a dentist in Chicago Illinois, you should take a look at further information here at Comfort Family Dental.