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Highly Effective Teeth Whitening at Comfort Family Dental

Millions of people across the country want whiter teeth, but many still haven’t found a reliable & long-lasting solution. At Comfort Family Dental, we can help you permanently whiten your teeth to give you a sparkling & beautiful smile. We use the KöR Whitening system & the KöR Deep Bleaching system to whiten the teeth of our patients. This is one of the highest rated whitening products on the market, & it’s guaranteed to make your teeth at least four shades whiter. Many of our patients find that their teeth become whiter by much more than four shades.

When you come in for professional teeth whitening, we will quickly check that the KöR system is right for you. The system has been tested & trusted by dentists for years & is completely safe & easy to use. In almost all patients, there is no sensitivity to the whitening gels, so you will feel completely comfortable while whitening your teeth. If you have especially sensitive teeth, you may experience slight discomfort from the whitening process, but this discomfort is much lower than any other whitening product on the market.

We offer both KöR Deep Bleaching treatments in the office & KöR Whitening trays for use at-home. For most of our patients, we recommend the take-home trays. These trays are extremely effective at whitening your teeth, & they are very easy to use. You will just need to put the trays over your teeth while you sleep & remove them when you wake up. In no time at all, you’ll start seeing significant changes in the color of your teeth. The trays are specially designed, so they are easy to put in your mouth & will allow you to sleep with no discomfort. While sleeping, the whitening gels are trapped inside the trays, & nothing will leak out.

For patients who require significant whitening & prefer the in-office treatments, we can also offer the KöR Deep Bleaching system. This process is made up of one or two bleaching treatments in our office that will help whiten your teeth & make the take-home trays more effective. You will then use KöR whitening trays while you sleep, as described above. In most cases, our patients do not require the bleaching treatments in the office. The take-home trays are already very effective at whitening teeth, & the treatments in the office have a greater chance of affecting the sensitivity of your teeth & causing discomfort. As always, Dr. Rowe will talk with you about the different options to determine which makes the most sense for you.

If you are interested in making your teeth several shades whiter, schedule an appointment with us today by calling 773-366-8718 or filling out our online form. Our office in Chicago has teeth whitening products & treatments that can give you a bright new smile & boost your self-esteem!

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