When Do You Need An Emergency Dentist?

If you are suffering with unbearable pain, trouble with your dentures, gums, or problems surrounding a pre-existing problem, you may need emergency care. In most cases, an emergency dentist will be able to relieve the pain by performing the relevant treatment, and make an appointment for further treatment if it is needed. If you are in Chicago, Illinois, and are in need of assistance, you may need to look at a local dentist who can assist. What are the typical reasons that are associated with an emergency visit?

There are a number of reasons, but an excellent example of this is when we suffer from tooth-related pain that needs root canal treatment. In this case, the emergency dentist can not perform the root canal treatment procedure on the spot, but they can lower the level of pain and even start the treatment until they can make another appointment.

Emergency dentistry is there to bring comfort and reassurance and temporary measures to assist with any dental problem. Emergency dentists will be able to diagnose the problem, with x-rays and perform temporary measures such as temporary fillings and pain relief.


If you received some type of damage to the tooth, whether that is from an injury, or you have broken a tooth from biting down on something too hard, you may need emergency treatment.


An abscess is an accumulation of bacterial remnants and dead inflammatory cells as a result of bacterial infection and the formation of inflammation. If the abscess is not treated promptly, the swelling may increase and cause problems with the root or the bone tissue.


If you suffer with a pre-existing condition such as gingivitis or gum disease, you may be used to bleeding gums. But if this becomes more severe, or you feel a major shift in the socket, including a tooth that has dislodged, you must go see a dentist as soon as possible.


Certain dental procedures, such as root canal treatment or existing conditions such as gingivitis or wisdom teeth can cause serious pain and great discomfort. This means that every bite and chewing will be accompanied by intense pain. If you believe your wisdom tooth is becoming impacted, you may want to visit a dentist, or if you have inflammation in the gum, this could also lead to severe pain. Any type of pain could mean the tooth is decaying, or that there is a deeper rooted issue that may need to be looked at.

You may want to look at the following questions to determine whether or not an emergency dentist trip will be needed:

  1. Are you suffering from severe pain?
  2. Is the tooth loose?
  3. Have you had a blow to the face and/or oral cavity?
  4. Is there any swelling in the area of ​​the mouth or jaw?
  5. Is there any bleeding or redness in the gums or teeth?

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