Why is Oral Systemic Health Important?

Oral health is inseparable from general health. Several studies have shown a link between morbidity and mortality, in particular cardiovascular disease, that link back to oral health. Unfortunately, part of the population gives up dental care due to a number of reasons, but it is known that a good relationship with your dentist, plays an important role in strengthening measures for the prevention and maintenance of general health. A good dentist will be proactive in building an interprofessional approach to the patient’s oral health and assess all areas.

Dental plaque, tartar, polycaries, periodontitis, all of which can contribute to poor physical health over time, if left untreated. By not attending regular dental appointments, you are unable to get a general overview of your dental health and may be accumulating more and more cavities which can lead to periodontal disease and more. Oral systemic health means that if you do not take proper care of your teeth, other issues, more serious ones, can arise.


When bacteria builds in the mouth, through a lack of dental hygiene, it can in fact contribute to a number of other physical ailments, that spread much further than your mouth. It is believed that a lack of dental hygiene can lead to diabetes and cardiovascular disease. This is because bacteria which is left to fester in the gumline, eventually seeps into the blood and causes a negative reaction in the body.

The mouth is a mirror of health or disease. A true sentinel, it is an alert system, even an accessible model for the study of other organs. It can be both a potential source and a reflection of a systemic pathology. Once you begin to develop serious oral diseases that are left untreated, it could lead to further problems. The regular visits to the dentist can greatly assist, and therefore you should always consider using a dentist local to you that can implement any treatments such as fillings, crowns, bridges, as well as deep cleans.


By regular visits to your dentist, you can speak with the professional team relating to your oral health, and receive any treatment to halt or abolish any issues. You can speak to them regarding a possible treatment plan and a post-treatment plan which may involve the use of certain toothpastes, mouthwashes and overall care of your dental health. If you are a smoker, then this is even more vital, as periodontitis and osteonecrosis, associated respectively with diabetes and bisphosphonates, are illustrative examples of poor dental health. Regular cleaning and treatment is important to ensure that you are not on a path to severe tooth loss or system disease.

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